State your name for the record.
Arya Chandra.
What do you do?
I wrote and design web sites, and I attend meetings. Many, many meetings. I have a daytime career in music, a field I blundered into because I thought it was "creative." Mainly it allows me to eat, and that keeps the web work pure.
Is this your personal site?
Why don't you show pictures of your friends and pets?
It's not that kind of personal site.
Why did you quit composing and producing music?
Why did you stop designing software?
How did you get into web designing?
Do you consider yourself an art director?
Why not?
Same reason I don't consider Bob Dylan a "singer."
This page seems a little flat compared to a lot of your work.
You are looking at it with an old browser. For about a year, I've been designing with cascading style sheets, but bending over backwards to make sure each web page looks really spiffy in older browsers, too. At this point, most visitors to this site are using a 4.0 browser, so I'm beginning to relax. This page should still look okay in a 2.0 or 3.0 browser, but nothing like to real thing, baby. Upgrade for your loved ones, if not for yourself.
How did you become a web designer?
Funny you should ask.
How do I make a web site?
Funny you should ask.
What was your first computer?
A little SHARP pocket computer.
Why do you like the Macintosh?
Refer to the previous question.
Can I send you my artwork?
I'd rather that you write to me about it first.
Are you available for web design work?
Sure, why not.
When will this website be finished?
When I stop listening to rock & roll, playing guitar or die.
Is there anything else we should know?
You'll figure it out.
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